Dive Site Weber's Joy in Bonaire from the road

Dive Site 17: Weber’s Joy – Witches Hut

Dive Site name: Weber’s Joy (Witch’s Hut)Location: North-West BonaireLevel: EasyCurrent: Usually noneMax. Depth: 40MAccessibility: Shore & Boat Snorkeling?: YesGPS to Parking: *CLICK*  Dive site description:  Known […]

Dive Site X19: Turtle City

Dive Site name: Turtle CityLocation: East Coast BonaireLevel: EasyCurrent: Can be presentMax. Depth: 5 – 30MAccessibility: Shore & Boat Snorkeling?: NoGPS to Parking: *CLICK*  Dive site […]

Dive Site 60: Red Slave

Dive Site name: Red SlaveLocation: South BonaireLevel: Medium to hardCurrent: Can be strongDepth: 6 to 25m/20-80ftAccessibility: Shore & Boat Snorkeling?: NoGPS to Parking: *CLICK*  Dive site […]

Dive site A: No Name Beach

Dive Site name: No Name BeachLocation: Klein BonaireLevel: EasyCurrent: Little to mildDepth: 10-30 Meters / 30-100 FeetAccessibility: Shore & Boat Snorkeling?: YesGPS: *CLICK* Dive site decription:  […]

Dive Site 16: 1000 Steps

Dive Site name: 1000 Steps Location: North-West Bonaire Level: Easy Current: Little to none Visibility: 10 – 30M Accessibility: Shore & Boat  Snorkeling?: Yes GPS […]