Dive Site 17: Weber’s Joy – Witches Hut

Dive Site name: Weber’s Joy (Witch’s Hut)
Location: North-West Bonaire
Level: Easy
Current: Usually none
Max. Depth: 40M
Accessibility: Shore & Boat 
Snorkeling?: Yes
GPS to Parking: *CLICK* 

Dive site description: 

Known by two names; Weber’s Joy and Witches Hut this beautiful dive site can be easily spotted by the old brick house opposite of the site. 

The reason the dive site has two names is because once upon a time there was a little hut on the beach. Even though the little hut is gone, especially locals will often refer to the site at Witches Hut.

This dive site is in general a very easy dive site. Parking is done right across the street from the dive site and there’s a paved path all the way to the rocky beach. From there it gradually slopes down. 

Consider avoiding the dive site if you see high waves as entry and exit might become a challenge. If it is as in the video below here this dive site is suitable for almost every one. 

Marine life is incredibly diverse – consisting out of eagle rays, stingrays, hawksbill sea turtle, puffer fish, queen angelfish, drum fish etc. Lots of different types of soft and hard corals…. It’s a real treat this dive site!

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