Dive site 38: Bachelor’s Beach

Dive Site name: Bachelor’s Beach
Location: South Bonaire
Level: Easy
Current: Usually none
Max Depth: 9 – 30m / 30 – 100ft
Accessibility: Shore & Boat 
Snorkeling?: No
GPS to Parking: *CLICK* 

Dive site description: Bachelor’s Beach is the first Southern Dive site of the Island. Still relatively central. It’s a great site for beginning divers due to: easy parking, easy entry and rarely any current. In Dutch Mermaid’s video below you can see for yourself how accesible Bachelor’s Beach is. 

Tip: Dive Bachelor’s Beach just before you’re starting to get hungry for lunch. Most days there’s a hamburger truck right on the parking lot, serving some delicious burgers! Perfect for after the dive. 

SEA HORSE! For a decent while now (dec’20-feb’21) there’s a Sea Horse living at Bachelor’s Beach. He can often be found near the two intact oildrums to the right of the site. FROG FISH! Quite some people have reported seeing frog fishes at a depth of 15-18m at Bachelor’s Beach. In de video below you can see both the Sea horse and a frog fish. 

Bachelor’s Beach have quite some macro to offer. Sea horse, frog fishes, shrimps, hermit crabs etc. Lots of narrow gaps and corals where the small stuff is hiding. Macro lovers should visit this dive site at least once. 

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