Dive Site 60: Red Slave

Dive Site name: Red Slave
Location: South Bonaire
Level: Medium to hard
Current: Can be strong
Depth: 6 to 25m/20-80ft
Accessibility: Shore & Boat 
Snorkeling?: No
GPS to Parking: *CLICK* 

Dive site description: The Dive Site Red Slave is a fantastic dive site – with so much going on! Make sure to watch the YouTube video below for a first impression. 

Red Slave is almost on the Southern tip of the island, where west coast goes into east coast. This means that you can get surprised by currents going past the point of the island. This is not always the case though. In fact, usually there’s barely any current. But it’s good to be aware of your position, because especially with a current to the South, you will be floating into the blue.

EAGLE RAY! One of the absolute highlights of Red Slave is the Eagle Ray that visits the wide side bank frequently. If you see really deep and wide holes in the sand, chances are that the Eagle Ray was there! He’s often accompanied by a school of permits. 

Another very frequent visitor at Red Slave is the big school of small barracuda’s AND we’ve heard of reports of people spotting 4 sea horses during 1 dive!

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