Dive site A: No Name Beach

Dive Site name: No Name Beach
Location: Klein Bonaire
Level: Easy
Current: Little to mild
Depth: 10-30 Meters / 30-100 Feet
Accessibility: Shore & Boat 
Snorkeling?: Yes

Dive site decription:  The ONLY dive site on Klein Bonaire that can also be done as a shore dive! That is if you can make it over to Klein Bonaire with all your gear ;). The dive site located right in front of “No Name Beach” a beach in the north of the island that can be reached by water taxi. It’s probably still easier to do the site as a boat dive – but hey, maybe you’re having day trip at Klein Bonaire. Then this site is your go to Shore Dive site.

There’s often very little current, making this dive site ideal for beginning divers. Personal recommendation would be to dive towards the dive site Sampler (more up North) if current allows it. Lots of fish coming from that site. 

Keep your eye out for turtles, yellow-headed jawfish and blackish sailfin blennies. You might also see one of the magnificent midnight parrotfish pass by. 

Source: Bonaire Tourism

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