Dive Site N: Forest

Dive Site name: Forest
Location: Klein Bonaire
Level: Medium to hard
Current: At times
Max. Depth: 8-30m/25-100ft
Accessibility: Boat 
Snorkeling?: No
GPS to Buoy: *CLICK* 

Dive site description: Forest is a really prestine and interesting dive site. It’s part of Klein Bonaire, which means you can only reach it by boat. 

Once you’re there, get ready to descent into a magical world with lots of different fish species. If you descent at the buoy you get to a steep drop-off that takes you into an ‘underwater forest’ – hence the dive site name.  At about 30m you’ll find a small cave where  Nurse Sharks, Murrays and Loggerheads are spotted  from time to time! 

Another prominent feature of Forest is the amount of Black corals!

Make sure to check out Beat’s video below, capturing all the beauty of the dive site Forest at Klein Bonaire. Due to the good stuff at depth the level is classified as medium, but beginning divers can still enjoy a more shallow dive here. Look in the big gorgians for hiding sea horses!

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